Our experienced professional team is able to advise on the best options available in the design and construction of your pool.

A personalized service, tailored to your interests and needs and a complete analysis of the proposed location for the construction of your pool will ensure that our services will provide the satisfaction you expect.

From different models for the construction of your pool to diverse equipment and accessories, in Pools Mirevel you will get a full range of articles and related complements for the construction of your pool, in addition to a nearby friendly service that sets us apart, that you deserve and which will create that comfortable, cozy, private and personalized atmosphere to enjoy during your free time with family and friends.

Below we provide a list of the services we can make available:

Construcción de piscinas en Granada | Piscinas Mirevel

Piscinas Mirevel, Our services

Design of pools

Contact us and share your concerns with us. We will provide all the options available evaluating all the conditions and needs. We will provide you the solution you are looking for.

Construction of pools

We will build your pool within agreed conditions and requirements.
We are specialized in pool construction using shotcrete (Gunite), but also can offer a personalized solution if you want.

Deposits and Slopes

Mirevel pools can also offer you the construction of slopes and deposits using shotcrete . Whether functional or decorative , we can design a personalized product for you.

Refurbishing, repair and renovation of pools

If you want to repair your pool, or simply update it for a new season , we can help. Contact us and a technician of Pools Mirevel will study your case personally, providing available options.

Motorization, decoration, products and accessories

The technical team of Mirevel Pools will advise and offer you alternatives the most interesting for you , not only in terms of efficiency and quality but also economically.
From fully automated systems , water treatment , salt chlorinator and temperature control, to telescopic covers and lighting among others. We offer you the best alternatives for an ideal construction and following maintenance of your pool.

Also we can provide a full range of finishes. Natural stone, bricks and stoneware flooring are some of the options we can offer you . Of course, we also serve all kinds of related accessories, as well as maintenance and control products , from chemical to natural , including roofing, canopies and covers...

Budgets and Contracts

Contact us without obligation. Discuss with us your idea. We will provide a detailed budget contemplating each and every one of your needs in this regard, with the different options available and will specify our agreement with you on a private contract for your peace of mind. Together we will make real the dream of having a private and personalized pool .

Do not hesitate. Contact us now.
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Swimming pool builders in Granada | Piscinas Mirevel
Swimming pool builders in Granada| Piscinas Mirevel
Swimming pool builders in Granada | Piscinas Mirevel